Moon halo

In Haukipudas was one of the best moon halos of this autumn so far. I went out for auroras but a lot of fog made it difficult to see. Plus I missed the best part of the show. Luckily that fog worked at the same time wonders with the moon, drawing a wonderful circle around it. This particular halo is a so-called 22° halo and is ‘made’ by countless ice crystals in the atmosphere.

Have you ever seen a halo around the moon sometimes?

Moon halo

Time travel

Are you also doing the photo time travel? I love to look back at old photos, reliving moments, celebrations, etc.  The photo below was taken in October 2012. Back then I haven’t seen too many auroras yet. And even now – four years later – this is still one of the most special reflection nights.

I’ve decided to re-edit the photo from scratch and here are both versions: Which one do you prefer?

October 2012

Weekend reflection v2.0


Weekend reflection

Weekend reflection v1.0

Above the city lights

Usually I shy away from city lights as they interrupt the pure feeling of a nature photo. When it’s not possible to avoid them, it’s best to make them a part of the photo. This photo towards the city lights of Oulu is such an example. Of course there are lot of opinions on photos like this. What is yours?

Have a great day (and night)


Aurora over Oulu


Change of seasons

The wonderful time when daylight does not completely fade away and leaves the twilight low on the horizon throughout the night. It’s a short time of a few weeks. The other night I was out with a friend and we saw the moon rise, lighting up the haze on the lake. Between that and the last bit of sunset, the aurora danced her welcome back dance. Everyone was happy.
Looking at the photo, do you recognize some shape or anything in it?

Aurora with twilight and moonrise