Auroras are finally back

If you are like me and Northern lights are ranking higher than a summer with nightless nights and warm temperatures, then I have good news: the long wait is over, the lights are dancing again in the skies here in Oulu, Finland!

Copyright: Thomas Kast

First auroras over the Baltic Sea, just past midnight on 22 Aug 2013

There is something special about early autumn auroras. The sun doesn’t dip far under the horizon, so between sunset and sunrise there is  an orange glow at the horizon, twilight. Lakes are not frozen and not covered by snow. So on a quiet night, wonderful reflections of Northern lights can be seen. The nights are mild around +8..12C, so dressing up is not an issue (yet).

Copyright: Thomas Kast

Spell-bound: This aurora was huge, you look at 114 degrees view!

During these first nights I was lucky to see many different shapes of auroras. I’ve spend many hours outdoors and now I’m happy to share some photos with you.

Did you see any auroras during the past days or weeks? Let me know about your experience!

Copyright: Thomas Kast

The observation tower ‘Majakka’ (light house) at Nallikari beach, Oulu.