Silence and sound

Being in the middle of nowhere during night time is always an experience for me. I love the silence, the stars in the sky and – of course – dancing auroras. But that’s not always what makes a night special.

During one night last August I was at a lake when I noticed two birds in it. They were swimming back and forth, chatting every now and then. I’m usually all by myself, and now I was thankful for some company while waiting for auroras.

About half an hour later I lost sight of the birds. Then, in the midst of total silence, I heard a few very loud bird noises far away on the lake. I’m totally no bird expert but it sounded like a either a territory issue or a signal that it was time to leave. After a while they stopped and silence took over again.

Copyright: Thomas Kast

The calm lake at night

What I heard next really made my night. The birds were leaving. First, I heard the sound of their wings and feet in the water and a moment later the wings in the air. It was truly amazing to hear that sound in the dark night breaking total silence. I won’t forget that sound.

Oh, I almost forgot: Auroras appeared for two minutes during that night. But for some reason it didn’t make any difference this time..

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