Juggling the plates

This year has been great so far, but also very challenging. One challenge comes to mind in particular: time. Lately I feel like the guy in the circus trying to juggle many plates at once.

There is my family, friends and day job. Since June I am home with my son – quite a ‘day-job’ that is! And of course I do take pictures and videos. Not too many plates to juggle, right? Well, that last plate sounds simple but others doing the same know that there are many things many others may not think of. For example: shooting daytime and nighttime photos, shooting videos, shooting time-lapse, processing photos and videos, archiving files, sharing photos, driving to shooting locations, scouting new locations, cleaning my gear, discuss with clients, discuss with print labs, bookkeeping, updating social pages, writing blog posts and on top of all these I am trying to get my new website up and running.

Last night I almost finished my website, only some small things have to be done, so this week it should be ready. The last puzzle piece of it – the web shop for prints and canvas – will be ready next month.

My family and friends said my juggling of the plates should include sleep and rest as well. Since a few days I couldn’t agree more. With clouds and rain during the past nights, I couldn’t look for auroras but got some much needed sleep. Miraculously I feel now much better..

I guess we are all jugglers and for many of us time is one of the biggest challenges.

PS: Despite all the talk about time, being out and shooting good photos requires one thing: Not to be in a hurry. Here is a 7,5 minute exposure shot 🙂

Copyright: Thomas Kast

Tranquility – reflections of sunset colors and clouds in this lake.

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