Into darker times

Like many countries, also Finland uses Daylight saving time during summer. In practise that means in the night of the last Saturday of March the clock will be moved forward one hour. Going back to normal time happens during the last Saturday night of October, which was yesterday.

For me personally, the following afternoon is the worst day of the year for me and today was no different. Due to adjusting the time, it was already dark just after 5pm. Two hours later it felt that it should be already 11pm, but of course it wasn’t. This is when it really hits me, the long summer nights are over.

It usually takes a week or so for me to come to terms with the early darkness and then it’s alright. Growing up in Southern Germany that change wasn’t so bad and 5pm darkness was probably just around Christmas, so very different from here. Thinking of auroras, it’s of course better to have more dark hours. I love Northern lights, but today and the next days I really appreciate a good amount of daylight.

Copyright: Thomas Kast

Milky Way

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