Unexpected auroras

Last night the weather forecast was clouds and rain. I was all set for a relaxed evening at home with my family without checking the skies for auroas. By accident I saw a friends alert, so I went out and from my porch I saw clear skies and Northern lights dancing. I ran back inside, packed up and made my way towards a lake. On the way auroras lit up the sky even through bright street lamps. I couldn’t believe my eyes! Knowing that the very bright aurora displays may last only minutes I stopped at the first place which was dark enough. To my luck I found this huge puddle made by rain and even caught a reflection.

Copyright: Thomas Kast

29 October 2013

I’ve been at this spot before, it was January 2012 and also then I saw bright auroras. I digged out an old photo where you can see the same tower with red lights.

Copyright: Thomas Kast

30 January 2012

Here another photo from last night. Not many things in life are better than being surprised by clear skies with auroras in it!

Copyright: Thomas Kast

More auroras from 29 October 2013

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