Mindblowing auroras at Halloween’s eve

The night of October 30, 2013, is one I’ll remember a long time. In particular because of 100 seconds when the skies seemed to explode in green. But let’s start at the beginning.

I left home around 9pm and once at my shooting location, there was already a nice show going on! Right above me a weak arc was stretching from West to East and dancing in North was another arc with spikes of red. At one point the lights above me got stronger as well and I just enjoyed watching for a bit. When I do that, I usually have one problem. It’s hard to get my mind back into photo-taking-mode. So for a while I was at a loss off what I should take photos.

Copyright: Thomas Kast

The wide arc on the left was right above me

Copyright: Thomas Kast

Dance with me: Intense auroras

Closer to midnight and Halloween the auroras filled almost all of the sky and a bright display made its entrance. Around 11.35pm I noticed a bright corona opening up just behind me and I spun around with my camera, almost dropping it into the lake! Just when I was ready to shoot the corona the sky was out of control. The ground was lit up by countless aurora twirls around me. I was so surprised and overwhelmed my jaws dropped and I just had to shout. It was so intense to see that, it’s impossible to describe. After 100 seconds the ‘spook’ was over and the ‘nice show’ was back on.

Copyright: Thomas Kast

Trick or treat: Mindblowing aurora at 11.42pm

Copyright: Thomas Kast

26 seconds later the forms were not the same

The things I just saw played over and over in my mind, there was no chance of taking more photos at that time. I needed a rest after the adrenaline rollercoaster. So I walked for a while and after calming down I was ‘back on the horse’ shooting away. Around 2am I so exhausted that I decided to go back home – even though the show was still on. After driving for five minutes, I stopped and had a look outside. More bright auroras were coming in! So of course I didn’t drive home just yet. Instead I tried to find the next best stop and was there for thirty more minutes.

Copyright: Thomas Kast

Aurora curtain with needles like a comb

Finally around quarter to three I decided to drive all the way home and get some sleep. By the time I reached Oulu I felt a bit better again. Finding a tiny bit of energy my mind started to suggest to take some photos there. By then my brains and body were on autopilot and after a while I went home.

No, seriously! I actually went home then!

Copyright: Thomas Kast

Auroras over Tuira and Toivoniemi – just North of Oulu city center

4 responses to “Mindblowing auroras at Halloween’s eve

  1. I Live to ser your amazing Pictures, ab view of Finland and History Finland’s aororas!! Congrats for it!!

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