Aurora chasing road trip – part 2

About two weeks I went on a road trip to find clear but aurora-filled skies. How the drive up there went and the night waiting for auroras, you can read in part 1.

Part 2 will not be about writing but more about the photos on the way back. So this is more of a photo blog entry.

I took my sweet time and stopped several times to capture some sceneries. Enjoy the ride-along 🙂

Copyright: Thomas Kast

When I opened the curtains of my cottage around 10am, this is what I saw, it was breathtaking! Amazing mist over the frozen river Muonio and magical colors in the sky.

Copyright: Thomas Kast

The river Muonionjoki here serves as the border between Finland (left) and Sweden (right). I took this photo on the connecting bridge. Not sure in which country I was at this moment..

Copyright: Thomas Kast

On my way to Kolari, a crisp -25C (-13F) outside. This is how the well-plowed roads usually look.

Copyright: Thomas Kast

At one point I drove into a small forest road and took some sunrise / sunset photos. Taken at 12.20 pm. I’d love to drive through the wilderness with a snow mobile.

Copyright: Thomas Kast

Another photo of the oncoming ‘traffic’ 🙂 While with cars you usually know where they go, reindeers are totally unpredictable. In my opinion their actions have no logic at all 🙂

Copyright: Thomas Kast

Beginning of the blue hour, on the right are some clouds colored by the sunset. After this stop it didn’t take long until I reached a full cloud cover followed by a snow storm all the way back home.

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