Outside the frame – Insights into… ‘Warm light’

For some reason I feel like trying something new, so here it goes. I often post photos with a short story about where and when it was taken. Now I want to go a bit deeper and explain a bit more how I found the location, what I felt there and why I chose this composition. Don’t worry, it’s not gonna be too long 🙂

Today’s photo is ‘Warm light’:

Copyright: Thomas Kast

I captured it on Feb-4, 2014 in Hetta, a small town in Lapland, Finland. Up there I was guiding a group of 16 for one week. In that time we had just one day with a sunset but it was a great one. After the official program ended in the afternoon, I had some two hours ‘alone time’ with my camera. So I packed my gear into the car and drove through some forest roads to find a good spot.

I eventually ended up at the top of a hilly section being surrounded by snow-covered trees. Looking around I noticed fell mountains at the horizon. Standing above the tree line, the fells were only covered by snow. Having part of the landscape with trees and part without them was something I liked. Once the sun started to come down towards the horizon part of the tree and the fells were bathing in a nice, warm light which reminded me of alpenglow. Sunlight didn’t reach those trees in the foreground and so the cold, blue light there created a nice contrast. Where I stood, the foreground was covered with trees, some taller spruces and smaller birch trees. I started to walk around trying to find something else to make the photo more interesting. I noticed an open space, probably a swamp area or a frozen lake. Finally I was happy with the scene. I adjusted the camera until I was happy with the frame and exposure. After that the easiest task was still waiting – pushing the button 🙂

Today when I write this post in Oulu, it is +4 C outside and snow is melting away. Lookinig at this photo makes me miss the ‘real’ winter and for me this photo presents just that.

What are your thoughts on this photo? Does it bring anything in your mind? Did something come to your mind which you would have done differently? I look forward to read about it in the comment section 🙂

Now you can read about my passion of Northern lights…

..on the webpage thisisFINLAND, which is produced by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland and published by the Finland Promotion Board.

The article was written by Tarja Prüss, who joined me for a couple of nights searching for auroras in Oulu. Luckily we found them! Getting to know Tarja, I learned she has not only a great way of listening and observing the nature and atmosphere around her, but can also put these into well-placed words

I’m so thrilled, it’s amazing to be featured on that page, and so surreal to see my mugshot on the frontpage 🙂

If you like to read the article, just click on the photo below:

How cool is it to be featured on finland.fi webpage!

How cool is it to be featured on finland.fi webpage!

A winter’s dream

A winter's dream

Winter wonderland. Sometimes there are no better words for these winter sceneries. This cottage is located in Lapland at the shore of the frozen lake Näkkälä in Näkkälä, Finland. I’d love to stay there for a while, would you?
Captured on Feb 8, 2014.

Tundra getaway

Last night my friend Petri and me went from Hetta to Pöyrisjärvi, close to the border to Norway. To get there we drove with motor sleds for about 50km through the wonderful nature of Lapland. It was an amazing adventure for me. The further North we went, the smaller and rare trees were. Tundra is pure magic.

The weather was cloudy and with white snow and grey-white clouds I had a hard time seeing where the track was. Fortunately all went fine and we arrived at a cabin safely. Once there, we started the fire. After a feast prepared by Petri, I had one more look for auroras but the clouds were just too thick, so we turned in early. My mobile didn’t work, so no internet, no sms, nothing. It was the best thing which could happen to me. Resetting everything was just what I needed. Being in nature without worrying about the normal hectic life. A cold, windy paradise.

The next morning had more clouds, lot of wind and snow fall for us. The tracks made by our sleds were not visible anymore so we started to head back early in case we had a problem finding the way. Sure enough it was very difficult to find the right way through the hills and trees. The GPS didn’t work that well, so we drove a lot through deep snow.

For me it was the first time and I got stuck a few times. Luckily Petri came back to help me every time! After the third time he taught me how to avoid and how to react in those tricky spots. After that it was a lot easier and instead of being annoyed at myself I was proud that I learned a bit more driving motor sleds.

Now I’m looking forward to another such trip, it seems my soul and body enjoys these kinds of getaways.

Copyright: Thomas Kast

Sunset on the way to the cabin

Copyright: Thomas Kast

This tree caught my attention.

Copyright: Thomas Kast

No auroras but lots of snow

Copyright: Thomas Kast

The cabin and our rides




Greetings from Hetta (2014 Feb 6)

This week I’m in Hetta, Finnish Lapland, spending a week to guide a group of 16 in the hope to see Northern lights. It’s half way through, so it’s time to write a bit about it. On the first day we went on a sleigh tour to visit the local snow castle and tried our luck with ice fishing. Fortunately we caught a fish, so dinner was secured! At night we were fortunate to see wonderful auroras dancing in the sky. To experience the magic of Northern lights was the main reason for most participants, so all were very happy which made me extremely happy.

The next days were – in short – visit to a reindeer farm, visiting a husky farm with a two hour tour and today we visited Kautokeino in Norway. Later tonight we will take snow mobiles and ride up the mountains to experience the winterwonderland in darkness.

So far it has been great and I’m happy with the group. Of course there is lots to organize, so I don’t have too many changes to be bored 🙂

Copyright: Thomas Kast

Monday night’s Northern lights

Copyright: Thomas Kast

Riding the husky sleigh through the beautiful wilderness of Lapland