Greetings from Hetta (2014 Feb 6)

This week I’m in Hetta, Finnish Lapland, spending a week to guide a group of 16 in the hope to see Northern lights. It’s half way through, so it’s time to write a bit about it. On the first day we went on a sleigh tour to visit the local snow castle and tried our luck with ice fishing. Fortunately we caught a fish, so dinner was secured! At night we were fortunate to see wonderful auroras dancing in the sky. To experience the magic of Northern lights was the main reason for most participants, so all were very happy which made me extremely happy.

The next days were – in short – visit to a reindeer farm, visiting a husky farm with a two hour tour and today we visited Kautokeino in Norway. Later tonight we will take snow mobiles and ride up the mountains to experience the winterwonderland in darkness.

So far it has been great and I’m happy with the group. Of course there is lots to organize, so I don’t have too many changes to be bored πŸ™‚

Copyright: Thomas Kast

Monday night’s Northern lights

Copyright: Thomas Kast

Riding the husky sleigh through the beautiful wilderness of Lapland


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