Tundra getaway

Last night my friend Petri and me went from Hetta to Pöyrisjärvi, close to the border to Norway. To get there we drove with motor sleds for about 50km through the wonderful nature of Lapland. It was an amazing adventure for me. The further North we went, the smaller and rare trees were. Tundra is pure magic.

The weather was cloudy and with white snow and grey-white clouds I had a hard time seeing where the track was. Fortunately all went fine and we arrived at a cabin safely. Once there, we started the fire. After a feast prepared by Petri, I had one more look for auroras but the clouds were just too thick, so we turned in early. My mobile didn’t work, so no internet, no sms, nothing. It was the best thing which could happen to me. Resetting everything was just what I needed. Being in nature without worrying about the normal hectic life. A cold, windy paradise.

The next morning had more clouds, lot of wind and snow fall for us. The tracks made by our sleds were not visible anymore so we started to head back early in case we had a problem finding the way. Sure enough it was very difficult to find the right way through the hills and trees. The GPS didn’t work that well, so we drove a lot through deep snow.

For me it was the first time and I got stuck a few times. Luckily Petri came back to help me every time! After the third time he taught me how to avoid and how to react in those tricky spots. After that it was a lot easier and instead of being annoyed at myself I was proud that I learned a bit more driving motor sleds.

Now I’m looking forward to another such trip, it seems my soul and body enjoys these kinds of getaways.

Copyright: Thomas Kast

Sunset on the way to the cabin

Copyright: Thomas Kast

This tree caught my attention.

Copyright: Thomas Kast

No auroras but lots of snow

Copyright: Thomas Kast

The cabin and our rides




8 responses to “Tundra getaway

  1. Next time we have action camera with us : ) i think nobody understand how deep snow Thomas drive and how well he drive with that none experience of snowmobiles in deep snow.

    Great trip and waiting for next one, maybe longer to Kilpisjärvi and Halti ?

    • Great to read from you, Petri! 🙂
      I’m looking forward to the camera thing. Thanks for working my ego, now I feel great 🙂 🙂
      Let’s come up with a good trip next time, after you taught me to avoid tricky situations I’m ready for another adventure 🙂

  2. Ja sehe ich da eine Saison mit etwas weniger Nordlichtern? :-))
    Aber ansonsten wie immer, coole Bilder Thomas.

    Gruss aus der Schweiz


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