Outside the frame – Insights into… ‘Warm light’

For some reason I feel like trying something new, so here it goes. I often post photos with a short story about where and when it was taken. Now I want to go a bit deeper and explain a bit more how I found the location, what I felt there and why I chose this composition. Don’t worry, it’s not gonna be too long 🙂

Today’s photo is ‘Warm light’:

Copyright: Thomas Kast

I captured it on Feb-4, 2014 in Hetta, a small town in Lapland, Finland. Up there I was guiding a group of 16 for one week. In that time we had just one day with a sunset but it was a great one. After the official program ended in the afternoon, I had some two hours ‘alone time’ with my camera. So I packed my gear into the car and drove through some forest roads to find a good spot.

I eventually ended up at the top of a hilly section being surrounded by snow-covered trees. Looking around I noticed fell mountains at the horizon. Standing above the tree line, the fells were only covered by snow. Having part of the landscape with trees and part without them was something I liked. Once the sun started to come down towards the horizon part of the tree and the fells were bathing in a nice, warm light which reminded me of alpenglow. Sunlight didn’t reach those trees in the foreground and so the cold, blue light there created a nice contrast. Where I stood, the foreground was covered with trees, some taller spruces and smaller birch trees. I started to walk around trying to find something else to make the photo more interesting. I noticed an open space, probably a swamp area or a frozen lake. Finally I was happy with the scene. I adjusted the camera until I was happy with the frame and exposure. After that the easiest task was still waiting – pushing the button 🙂

Today when I write this post in Oulu, it is +4 C outside and snow is melting away. Lookinig at this photo makes me miss the ‘real’ winter and for me this photo presents just that.

What are your thoughts on this photo? Does it bring anything in your mind? Did something come to your mind which you would have done differently? I look forward to read about it in the comment section 🙂

2 responses to “Outside the frame – Insights into… ‘Warm light’

  1. Die Weiten Lapplands kenne ich nur im Sommer, umso schöner ist es, Deine Winterfotos zu sehen. Wir leben im Harzvorland – eine Autostunde vom Brocken entfernt . Dieser Winter hat kaum Schnee gebracht, aber die Jahre davor konnte man vom Brocken aus eine ähnliche Winterlandschaft bestaunen. Du schreibst, ihr hättet jetzt auch schon Plusgrade. War auch der Winter in Lappland eher kurz? Liebe Grüße aus Deutschland – Sylvia

    • Hallo Sylvia,
      die Gegend rund um den Broken ist mehr aus Fotos bekannt und hat mich immer wieder an Finnland erinnert, besoders im Winter. Hier ist/war der Winter auch eher mild, nur wenige Tage mit -20 Grad und – wie gesagt – momentan hat es Plusgrade. Für Februar ist das sehr ungewöhnlich. Ich selbst wohne in Oulu, also etwas südlicher als Lappland. Dort war es jetzt aber auch sehr warm. Was interessant ist, in den meisten Teilen Lappland hat es genauso viel Schnee wir immer, hier bei uns aber nur sehr wenig.
      Liebe Grüsse ins Harzvorland, Thomas

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