To leave or not to leave.. the waiting game

This afternoon I saw the first proper sunset with colors in the sky since a month. We have been ‘blessed’ with clouds so long, it was amazing to see!

Right now the skies are clear and the aurora forecast is ok. Normally I would be on already somewhere sitting and wait for hours for the ‘Lady’ to appear in the sky. Tonight is different though, my wife and son have been sick this week and after the past days I feel very tired. I really don’t know what to do, I would love to get a good-night-sleep but – if auroras would appear – I really want to see them.

So I sit at my computer and look at two screens. On one I’m processing some photos from my trip to Hetta, Finland. While guiding a group for a week I took photos all the time and everyone is waiting for their photos. What the other one shows, you can see below. Aurora all-sky cams around Finland and Sweden, a magnetogram and the aurora oval.

If something crazy happens in the skies, I’m probably out of here 🙂 My bags and tripods are packed and ready, my clothes arranged to get dressed the fastest way. Let’s see what happens 🙂


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