Auroras are unpredictable

What I love about auroras is that they cannot be predicted very well. Shape, color, time and direction are all unknowns and that makes it so mysterious for me.

Last night I was out with a friend and we saw ‘only’ a green band on the horizon. I came back after midnight and just as I was about to sleep I had one last look. Wow, the sky was lit up by strong aurora needles. My eyes saw weak green but I knew that the camera would pick up some red or purple. I ran inside and grabbed my gear. Enjoy the photos which I took just with my PJ’s on 🙂

Copyright: Thomas Kast

Green arc on the horizon, lights of Oulu on the right.

Copyright: Thomas Kast

Strong auroras just outside my door steps!

Copyright: Thomas Kast

My neighbors house under colorful Northern ligths


2 responses to “Auroras are unpredictable

  1. WOW… That is amazing to watch aurora just outside of one’s house. What a wonderful place!! I thought people should go much north than Oulu to see aurora.

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