An April aurora adventure

A few nights back on April 11/12 2014, wonderful auroras appeared in the skies above Oulunsalo, Finland. I’ve been out with my cameras for six hours, almost half of that time waiting for clouds to go away. At times I couldn’t see any stars but more often than not…

Copyright: Thomas Kast

… auroras were visible through through the clouds. Here you can see an arc rising and on the right are some needles. Wind brought more clouds and I was considering to leave.

Copyright: Thomas Kast

Fortunately I didn’t give up and later the clear skies revealed a wonderful surprise for me. There was an aurora arc and it went all the way up over my head and down on the other side!

Copyright: Thomas Kast

Around 1am the arc got stronger and wider and suddenly exploded over the frozen lake revealing countless needles…

Copyright: Thomas Kast

… which turned into a corona right above my head. The feeling when those rays spread out in all directions cannot be described. Look at this!

Copyright: Thomas Kast

An hour or so later, another strong but not so colorful corona was visible…

Copyright: Thomas Kast

… and I stayed until dawn made it difficult to see auroras. On the right you can see the beginning of the sunrise. An amazing night came to an end and it took me a long time to fall asleep 🙂

2 responses to “An April aurora adventure

  1. Ahh, das sind schon spektakuläre Bilder, besonders beeindrucken mich die Fotos 3, 4 und 5. Ist nun schon Frühling in Sicht – geht die Polarlichtsaison ihrem Ende entgegen, weil die Tage schon so lang sind? – Liebe Grüße aus Deutschland nach Finnland – Sylvia

    • Hallo Sylvia, ja die starken, bunten Polarlichter haben schon etwas, das stimmt 🙂 Mittlerweile haben wir sogar manchmal +10 Grad und die Saison geht mit grossen Schritten dem Ende zu. Es ist einfach nicht mehr dunkel genug. Schön von dir zu lesene, liebe Grüsse zurück in die Heimat 🙂

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