Season’s end? (aurora)

Every spring those of us who chase auroras fight a hopeless battle. A battle against growing daylight which cannot be won. Days are getting longer and eventually the midnight sun takes over every last bit of darkness.

I love summer nights too, the light and colors are so special – and it’s not cold either. Plus I’m really looking forward to more sleep. After being out so many nights throughout the winter, the last weeks were a bit of a stretch. Fatigue and sleepiness are on the daily menu and I look forward to a change of diet. Sweet, precious sleep without checking the webcams, going out one last time to see if there are auroras in the sky. Sounds like holiday, doesn’t it? 🙂

So last night I went to Haukipudas, Finland, trying to see one more time auroras and around the darkest point at 1.30am my eyes caught something very faint. The twilight was strong, so I had to take a test photo with my camera

Copyright: Thomas Kast

Aurora fades literally into the twilight


As you can see from this photo the aurora is barely visible above the horizon and also on the left (yes there is a bit). A stronger display would have pushed the lights higher into the darker part of the sky but soon that is no longer an option.

From my experience (and reading it once a long time ago), the sun should be about 10 degrees below the horizon. Tonight that will be between 11.30pm – 2.40am, so very little time. On April 30th will be the last chance with a very short time between 12.35am – 1.50am.

So, this is it – probably. Northern lights make room for Nightless nights. A deal I can agree to 🙂


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