Aurora extreme

As I usually show almost always ‘real’ photos, today some of you might be in for a shock. I’d be VERY curious to know, what your thoughts and feelings are on this – good, bad, desaster, really, anything 🙂

As you know, with my photos I usually try to reproduce what I saw and felt at that moment. With auroras, the camera ‘sees’ the colors stronger than the human eye does and I often reduce the color saturation in post-processing. I often see aurora photos with extreme colors that are clearly changed (I don’t wanna say enhanced, sorry) with software and does not represent reality anymore. For me that is fine, as long as the photographer/artist is open and says that the photo has been altered. So far so good.

Now, I felt like experimenting and with one photo I decided to go to extremes with the settings. I wanted to find out what is possible and if I could possibly like what I would see.

After hours and hours, I found the result below most intriguing. To really see this, you have to click on it to see it with a darker background.

For me personally, this is post-processing art – not the art of photography as such anymore.

Copyright: Thomas Kast

Result after pushing post-processing to some limits

8 responses to “Aurora extreme

  1. Hi Thomas, the photo is still beautiful but you can’t improve on natures beauty and your more “natural ” photos are ur passion and that comes across in them. I much prefer how u usually present ur photos, although sometimes it takes doin something different to realise what skills u actually have in life
    Best wishes

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