Thin clouds

When I go to find Northern lights I always try to find a place without any clouds. But sometimes it just isn’t possible. When there are clouds, I’m actually trying to make them a strong element in my photo.

Copyright: Thomas Kast


I found this group of trees near Oulu about a year ago and finally the conditions were right to work with them. The tricky part was to get the right amount of trees inside the frame without cutting any of them badly. After many trials I finally found this composition here to work the best for me.

Thin clouds covered the sky and Northern lights were just strong enough to shimmer through them. Through the trees you can see the bright moon lighting up the clouds. The orange color was from some town lights nearby; I think this orange color goes quite well with the aurora green here.

From this trees I got more photos and I’ll post them later on. So now it’s time to search for new locations with nice tree formations.


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