On May 1st I was searching for new sunset location and eventually found myself near Haukipudas, looking at the Baltic Sea. It was low tide, so I was able to walk out and find some nice set of stones surrounded by water. Some 100 metres further out the sea was still largely frozen.

The magnificent colors of the sunset were reflected not only in the water but also through the clouds. In the beginning a light breeze created nice, gentle waves, while later the wind was gone and the totally still Baltic Sea lay right in front of me mirroring every little detail.

From time to time migration birds where around me, chattering and circling. At some point they realized that I wasn’t a thread and calmed down. Well, maybe they just gave up because that guy just wouldn’t leave 🙂

I love nights like this, only the nature and me. Nothing else, just perfect harmony.


Copyright: Thomas Kast


Copyright: Thomas Kast

Wonderful colors and ice at the horizon

Copyright: Thomas Kast

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