It’s not all about Northern lights

When being out at night, Northern lights are certainly not the only ‘thing’ I’m trying to experience. Auroras are rather the bonus on top of everything else. It’s so calming and relaxing being out in the nature where no houses are near and no car noises disturb the sounds of nature. In deep winter there is almost no other noise than the crunching of snow beneath the shoes.

Towards spring, birds migrate from the South and often I hear them chatter. What I really love is when I hear only the flapping of the wings passing right above me in the darkness. It’s then when I know I’m ‘one with nature’ – at least as much as it’s possible.

Sometimes – as in one night during April – it’s also about company, being out at night with friends who enjoy the same things. Here, Kari took me to a new place for me, a big swamp area near Yli-Ii. There wasn’t much snow left but a lot of water, so we had to watch our steps. A few times I almost couldn’t get my boots out of the marsh land. This was a totally new experience for me and I really enjoyed it, especially being with a friend there.

Not seeing auroras wasn’t really a downer, we explored the area and took some nice photos as you’ll soon see. As dusk flows into dawn in one go, there were some great colors on the horizon. Long streaks of clouds interrupted the clear night sky and brought a special mood with it.

Once we had enough, Kari started a fire and we had some sausages. Watching the flames dance was almost like watching auroras, hypnotising and actually sturring up some hunger as well 🙂

Please click on the panorama to open it bigger and then once more to see it on dark background. In that way you’ll get to experience a bit the mood I felt being out there.

Copyright: Thomas Kast

Winter’s end, great colors at night.

Copyright: Thomas Kast

Hungry men watching the fire

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