Outside the frame – Insights into… ‘Cold, bright wind’

“Outside the frame – Insights into…” is a series about photos, where I want to go a bit deeper and explain a bit more about the location and how it was being there. Hope you don’t mind a bit longer read today 🙂

Today’s photo is ‘Cold, bright wind’ and was captured on Apr-16, 2014:

wm_Cold, bright wind

It’s not a problem for me when the cold is creeping slowly into my clothes while I’m out for hours. But when strong wind is pushing the cold right to my bones it’s not much fun.

When I shot this photo in April, it was such weather. To control the camera buttons, I could wear only thin clothes and even though they usually do a good job in stopping the wind, there was no use for them this time. By the end of the session I could hardly move my fingers and had to leave and ‘defrost’ in the car.

Photos like this one are the reason why I’d do this over and over anyway. More often than not it’s all worth it. Especially when coming home and seeing the ‘catch of the day’.

I suppose many of you don’t know Oulu very well, so I’ll walk you through this photo.

Let’s start with the most eye-catching object, the moon. It was Full Moon and the bright light made for a strong reflection on the melting Baltic Sea. Also the ice in the foreground catches a lot of the light. When you look closely to the open water you can see the water movement from the strong wind. There are no waves as most of the sea is still frozen with thick ice.

My camera was set up on a breakwater made of rocks in many shapes and sizes. As you look along the rocks the industrial smokestacks will catch your eyes. These are part of the peat-burning power plant in the suburb Toppila. Seeing the steam it’s no mystery in what direction the wind blows.

The forest toward the center of the photo belongs to the island Toppilansaari and just to the right of the moon you can see the paper factory from Nuottasaari. Yes, indeed we have quite a bit of industry here in Oulu.

Further to the right are lights from the Port of Oulu on the island Vihreäsaari. And finally, there is a single bright light also reflected on the ice, that’s Majakka – a viewing tower marking the end of Nallikari, a beautiful and popular sand beach on the island Hietasaari.

This being a night photo, I don’t want to ignore the stars in the sky but rather have them at the end of today’s post. To the right of the moon – just a bit higher – is the star Spica, the brightest one of the constellation Virgo. Just over 260 light years away from Oulu 🙂

Looking further up and further right, there is a real bright star, right? No it’s actually a planet and even though it’s red color can’t be recognized on the photo, I’m sure you know by know that it’s Mars 🙂

At the end of this post I almost feel like a travel guide, haha. Hope you had a good time reading and as always, please comment your thoughts here, I’m curious to hear from you!

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