Busy times. Everyone has those. There are many different reasons: family, a friend in need, work, travelling, hobbies, rest, sickness, sleep, the list could go on and on. In the end, it’s all about choices.

There are things in the life of people with cameras ‘glued to their hand’ which are magical, such as a great sunset, wildlife, seeing auroras in the sky, etc. And so I spend a lot of time outdoors chasing the perfect photo again and again. When the magic is happen right under my nose, I feel blessed. Often I’m thinking, this is a once-in-a-lifetime situation, I’ll never see this again, how great is it to capture a photo of this moment.

Then there are those things in life which literally do happen only once in a life time. My son is such an example. Watching him grow and learn new things, playing with him, those are all things which will pass and never come back. There won’t be another ‘sunset’ someday. It’s important to remember that and make choices. Wise choices.

Capturing nature in photo and video is my true passion and I’m glad I have this fire inside me. About a week ago, I went out to take some photos. It was the night of the Icehockey WorldChampionship. Finland played Russia and the center of Oulu was pretty much empty. No people, no cars driving around, nothing.

Copyright: Thomas Kast

Deserted Aleksanterinkatu in Oulu

After a while I went to the sea only to find an unbelievable sunset and after walking a while, I discovered this new spot. Imagine how happy I was! After taking some photos I kind of lost myself in the sunset and my own thoughts. Thinking about life and the choices we make…


Copyright: Thomas Kast

‘The second wave’ – afterglow in the skies and reflections on the ground

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