River reflections at night

During summer there is only a short time between sunset and sunrise. The sun decends every so slowly and the tones change constanly, giving a lot of time to catch some of the magic light. A few days back I saw the sky burning late in the evening and went to the river Oulujoki to catch some reflections.

Here is one of the photos where I used a ND filter in combination with a ND grad filter. I recorded this 80 second – exposure at quarter past midnight:

Copyright: Thomas Kast

Midnight magic II

In case you wonder, yes. There is a ‘Midnight magic’ photo, click here to see it 🙂

I also tried a to hold the ND-filter in my hand instead of mounting it. Of course I didn’t want the camera to shake, so I had about 1cm distance between my hand and the lens. Don’t ask my why, I have no idea why I did that but the outcome is pretty interesting 🙂

Copyright: Thomas Kast

Hand-held ND filter version

Another photo from the same night, taken much later in portrait format. Here I didn’t use any ND filter – but a polarizer – and had so a much shorter time of exposure. All these changes resulted in a totally different mood in the scene.

Copyright: Thomas Kast

Rowing off into the sunset/sunrise


After that photo I was still out for nearly two hours and as you can see there are lots of photos waiting to be processed.

Copyright: Thomas Kast


As always, I’m happy to receive any kind of feedback, questions or comments 🙂

PS: I’m currently waiting for my color calibration device, so the colors may be off. Hopefully not too much

6 responses to “River reflections at night

  1. Mir gefällt das Foto mit dem Boot am besten, weil die Spiegelungen und Lichteffekte so wunderbar sind. Die Sonne bringt sogar das Boot irgendwie zum Leuchten. Ich werde mal gucken, ob Du das Foto evtl. in der fotocommunity veröffentlich hast – Gruß Sylvia

    • Das gefällt mir auch sehr gut, das Leuchten gibt dem ganzen nochmal was oben drauf. In der fotocommunity war ich in letzter Zeit leider sehr inaktiv, eigentlich wollte ich dort mehr machen. Mit Familie und ‘Tagesjob’ hintendran bleibt halt nicht viel Zeit und ich muss mir aussuchen, welche Foren/Platformen ich benutze. Mein Eindruck von fotocommunity ist aber sehr positiv und da ich dort eigentlich mehr machen will, komm mir dein Kommentar dazu grad recht 🙂 Liebe Grüsse, Thomas

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