Another night out (Sep 12, 2014)

A few days back, a solar storm hit Earth and produced wonderful auroras. Luckily the weather was good, so I was out with my camera for many hours. Read through the captions of the photos below how the night went and what I saw 🙂

Copyright: Thomas Kast

On the left is still twilight from the sunset while on the right the moon was rising just above the treetops. It was dark enough for the first auroras and I was glad to catch their reflection in this lake. First stop: Somewhere near Yli-Ii.

Copyright: Thomas Kast

After a longer break, the sky slowly filled up with colorful auroras and rays became visible. As always, the camera sees those colors stronger than our human eye.

Copyright: Thomas Kast

I thought about a photo like this over the summer (inspired by other selfies I’ve seen) and with the moonshine so bright, I decided to go to the other end of the lake onto the sand. The idea was that rather being a big part of the photo, I wanted to blend in and – at the same time – to stand out (wearing that red jacket).

Copyright: Thomas Kast

Just at that moment, I realized the rays in the sky got stronger and that a corona would be soon unfolding. So I ran back to the camera and caught this beauty just in time. One of those goosebumps moments.

Copyright: Thomas Kast

An hour later, clouds moved in and I was forced to change location. I went to the rapids of Koitelinkoski in Kiiminki, second stop. There I was able to take a few photos before the clouds caught up with me.

Copyright: Thomas Kast

Racing further South, I reached the Baltic Sea and captured these reflections in the Baltic Sea – the last stop of the night. I felt like trying out different angles as you can see. After that I went home, trying to sleep with all these images in my mind. It took quite a while 🙂


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