The first ‘real’ winter night

At last the first ‘real’ winter night. I didn’t know how much I missed it until I was out. The air was crisp at -15C and the moon bathed the landscape into magic light. And just for a while, the Lady (Aurora) danced in the skies.

I went to Juurusojan venesatama at the river Oulujoki. To my delight there were still some rowing boats from the summer waiting to be captured by my camera 😉

Only today I noticed that the auroras on the right are lines like the boats beneath and most of the auroras to the left go straight up like the trees. Funny how things work out sometimes.

Can you imagine yourself enjoying this view? I’d love hear about your thoughts!

Dancing lights above some row boats

Dancing lights above the river Oulujoki

Halloween auroras 2014

A few nights back I went out to find halloween auroras. Last year I was lucky to witness a mind-blowing night, so I went back to the same place in hope to see something similar 🙂 Although it was far from mind-blowing, I loved to be out in the darkness seeing gazillions of stars. Here are some photos:

Copyright: Thomas Kast

While doing some test shots for a time lapse, I caught this shooting star racing through the clouds. This is a crop from the original wide-angle exposure.

Copyright: Thomas Kast

Beautiful, colorful night sky above this frozen lake. On the ice you can see the reflection of Vega, the brightest star in the constellation Lyra


And here is the time lapse sequence of clouds, the Milky Way and some green 🙂