Where fairytales are written..

The past weeks have been crazy and finally I’m back posting on the blog. I’ve been a few weeks in Hetta guiding groups and planning. The landscapes were pure magic. Here are a few photos from one night when I took my group up a hill in hope for Northern lights. We didn’t find auroras but seriously, no-one really missed them in this dream-come-true scenery!


Copyright: Thomas Kast

Copyright: Thomas Kast

Copyright: Thomas Kast



8 responses to “Where fairytales are written..

    • We used snowmobiles to get up there. It’s pretty far from any road so skiing would take too long. But once the motors are off, the silence there is wonderful. Enjoy your weekend 🙂

  1. Ich kann mich den Vor-schreibern nur anschließen, das Foto mit der Hütte mußt Du in einem Märchenwald gemacht haben – es ist einfach zauberhaft. Hier blühen inzwischen die Schneeglöckchen und die Winterlinge und vereinzelt schon mal ein Krokus und es ist schon recht lange hell, heißt also, der Vorfrühling klopft schon mal an. Einen guten Start in die Woche!

  2. Missed the chance to comment on the winter home- it could be for the delightful fairies. It perhaps could even be a Gnome home! At any rate, it definitely belongs in a fairy tale. Almost reminds me of the house for the 7 Dwarfs in Snow White. Having just come home, you can still hear the faint whistling, “Hi-Ho”. 🙂

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