1000 seconds in a March night

When being out at night, auroras are usually not the only subject to photograph. Those magic lights have a schedule on their own and so it’s good to try out other things while waiting. In this March night I was out with a friend and eventually we came to an open field. There, I tried to capture some snow drift lines with a bit of auroras. Still the photo seemed to be a bit boring, so my plan was to work in star trails. After setting up my camera, the final exposure took about 16 and a half minutes, about 1000 seconds. And here it is:

Copyright: Thomas Kast

5 responses to “1000 seconds in a March night

    • Thanks, bearly. I came up with it the right time, ISO and aperture. I took some ‘normal’ shots at f2.8 and ISO 2000 and then worked my way up to f8 and ISO100 (if I remember the settings now). From f2.8 to 4 is double exposure, then again to 5.6 and 8. Same with the lower ISOs. To be honest, the 1000ish seconds showed up in Lightroom, out there I didn’t think about that 🙂

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