Goodbye winter, hello summer

Just after I wrote the post about twilights, last night I was able catch a season-changing photo which fits right into the brighter nights. For me there is no better way to show that change than with a nightscape photo:

Copyright: Thomas Kast

Imagine that roughly a week ago, here the Gulf of Bothnia was still completely frozen, allowing people to ski, walk or snowmobile on it! Last night almost all was free of ice, powerful waves crashing on the rocks. It felt like life was pumped back into a frozen world. Only the boat marina ‘bay’ (on the left side) had still a thick layer of ice. If you look closely on the right side somewhere near the horizon, there are wobbly line from ice floes drifting in the waves. And the orange color on the horizon is the afterglow from the sunset, being visible for many hours.

I really love this time of season change where a photo can capture so many different aspects. Although I’m honestly a tiny bit sad to say goodbye winter..

3 responses to “Goodbye winter, hello summer

  1. Beautiful photo as always. I’ve just had a message from my brother-in-law who saw the Southern Lights in New Zealand last night. I guess the nights there will be getting darker, just as ours as getting lighter.

    • Thanks, Mel. Oh, one big dream of mine to see the Southern Lights AND New Zealand! So I guess autumn is starting. When you came here this change must have been a bit weird..

      • We’ve been here a year next week and I remember being amazed at how quickly everything changed to green over spring. I did take it for granted though, coming off the back of a long NZ summer. This time I shall savour every moment of sunshine ….. ; )

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