The sun sets the colors

Clouds are the icing on the cake for sunsets. I know I probably repeat myself, but a few days back one more time this came true. On that evening I was out at Riutunkari while the sky was full of clouds. Almost. Near the horizon was a thin stripe of clear sky and just as the sun was setting it came through illuminating the clouds in the most amazing colors.

Nowadays I almost never take photos without a tripod and right in that magic moment I noticed that I left the plate which comes between the tripod and camera at home. After a few moments of being annoyed, I noticed that the color show would soon be over. So I put my head together and started taking photos.

To my (unbelievable) luck, a low-hanging cloud ‘roll’ came slowly into view. It ‘travelled’ towards the point where the sun already disappeared. Little by little that cloud got sunlight from the back, making its shape very distinct. Moments like this can just not be planned and feel so, so rewarding being there – even without a tripod 😉

Copyright: Thomas Kast


Copyright: Thomas Kast

Copyright: Thomas Kast

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