Drift wood

It’s the time when sunsets turn into sunrises, wonderful light in the sky for hours. This piece of drift wood got washed ashore and seemed just waiting for me to be captured with the camera 🙂

Still fighting with my sickness, so my online time is limited. Hope you are all fine and had a lovely midsummer weekend!

Copyright: Thomas Kast



One of my favorite photos from the past aurora season. My group and I were lucky to witness wonderful auroras throughout that night. Wandering on the frozen ice I found this twirly ice formation but wasn’t to impressed at first. A while later, an aurora substorm took place near the horizon with a twirl shape. I’m so glad I found that spot on the ice again just in time before the action in the sky subsided.

Hope you’re having a fine start of June, here in Oulu we had a few days with +18 already 🙂

Copyright: Thomas Kast