Cold and cozy

Back in February this year, I went with one of my Lapland groups into a winter wonderland scenery. The cold night was warmed up by a fire inside a wooden cottage. Look what magic it created under the very faint green in the sky…

Copyright: Thomas Kast

Cozy light on a cold night

Copyright: Thomas Kast

A wonderful show

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Look up!!

Photo exhibition in Tehran, Iran

These are truly exciting times! I still can’t quite believe it, but on April 8th, 2016 was the opening of the photography exhibition “Four Seasons in Finland” in Tehran, Iran. I’m very proud to be part of the exhibition alongside six other photographers from Finland. The exhibition is organised by the Embassy of Finland in Tehran and still ongoing until May 4th, 2016. The location is Tajrish Metro Station.

If you find yourself in Tehran, you know where to go 😉

More info and photos: and

Copyright: Embassy of Finland in Tehran, Iran

Invitation to the photo exhibition in Tehran, Iran. Source:Embassy of Finland



Opening day of the exhibition. Source: via the Embassy of Finland

Big bang

It was huge, seriously. A wave of solar wind entered Earths atmosphere yesterday (April 14th, 2016). During the last hour, the skies exploded in an aurora firework.

A nasty flu kept me home but it couldn’t keep me from looking outside a couple of times. I was kind of late when the big show started but I caught a good piece of it. The first photos are taken with a 14mm wide-angle lens and you can soon see it only caught a part of what was going on up there. I was ready to try my fisheye lens to capture most of the sky and I got this huge corona!

My adrenaline is going high seeing these displays and writing now about it it brings those feelings back. Better stop and let you enjoy the photos 🙂

Copyright: Thomas Kast

Busy driveway

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Close encounter with the Big Dipper

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Big bang

Cloudy night, let’s try again today

Packed my gear and now I’m about to leave. It’s 21.30 and it will be dark in an hour or so. You guessed it, dark enough for Northern lights that is!

The season is almost at it’s end and yesterday’s geomagnetic storm happened – above all the clouds. I drove around to find clear skies but it wasn’t meant to be this time. After arriving back home I took some photos and the short timelapse sequence below.

The aurora situation is still enhanced, so hopefully I’m coming back with some photos later. Wish me luck 😉


Copyright: Thomas Kast

The beginning of kaamos – the Polar Night

On the Arctic Circle, the sun stays below the horizon for one day. The further North you go, the longer that period is. In Finland it’s called ‘kaamos, known as the Polar night.

In the beginning of December 2015, I went to Enontekiö. During kaamos, daylight is a luxury which is reflected from Earths atmosphere or clouds. For a few hours it’s almost as bright as day with thick clouds. The light which is visible is the most magical I’ve ever seen. Golden hour and blue hour turn into hours.

The very first day of kaamos, I went to a hill where – to my suprise – the sun was partly shining onto trees! The sun was just beneath the horizon and could so bring sunset light on the snow-laden trees. All was dipped into pink. The line between kaamos and sunlight moved quickly, so there was no time to waste catching the last sunrays.


Copyright: Thomas Kast

From below the horizon the sun shines upwards


Copyright: Thomas Kast

Grumpy was the keeper of light, a nice fellow with a grim face 🙂


Copyright: Thomas Kast

Up on the hill, I could catch a tiny bit of sun, thanks to the insider tip of Grumpy 🙂