The beginning of kaamos – the Polar Night

On the Arctic Circle, the sun stays below the horizon for one day. The further North you go, the longer that period is. In Finland it’s called ‘kaamos, known as the Polar night.

In the beginning of December 2015, I went to Enontekiö. During kaamos, daylight is a luxury which is reflected from Earths atmosphere or clouds. For a few hours it’s almost as bright as day with thick clouds. The light which is visible is the most magical I’ve ever seen. Golden hour and blue hour turn into hours.

The very first day of kaamos, I went to a hill where – to my suprise – the sun was partly shining onto trees! The sun was just beneath the horizon and could so bring sunset light on the snow-laden trees. All was dipped into pink. The line between kaamos and sunlight moved quickly, so there was no time to waste catching the last sunrays.


Copyright: Thomas Kast

From below the horizon the sun shines upwards


Copyright: Thomas Kast

Grumpy was the keeper of light, a nice fellow with a grim face 🙂


Copyright: Thomas Kast

Up on the hill, I could catch a tiny bit of sun, thanks to the insider tip of Grumpy 🙂



6 responses to “The beginning of kaamos – the Polar Night

  1. As soon as I read “Grumpy’s” name, I saw him as a child posing as a giant, pointing at me and taking his next giant step. 😉 beautiful hues. Thank you for this adventure.

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