Big bang

It was huge, seriously. A wave of solar wind entered Earths atmosphere yesterday (April 14th, 2016). During the last hour, the skies exploded in an aurora firework.

A nasty flu kept me home but it couldn’t keep me from looking outside a couple of times. I was kind of late when the big show started but I caught a good piece of it. The first photos are taken with a 14mm wide-angle lens and you can soon see it only caught a part of what was going on up there. I was ready to try my fisheye lens to capture most of the sky and I got this huge corona!

My adrenaline is going high seeing these displays and writing now about it it brings those feelings back. Better stop and let you enjoy the photos πŸ™‚

Copyright: Thomas Kast

Busy driveway

Copyright: Thomas Kast

Close encounter with the Big Dipper

Copyright: Thomas Kast

Big bang

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