Water magic

As summer light takes over here, it’s a four-months long break before Northern lights will appear again on the sky. Time to enjoy ‘the other’ magic night light, the nightless night with it’s wonderful sunset-sunsrise colours. Or just sleep 🙂 In autumn I’ll be out looking for wonderful reflections in the water again, just like these:

Copyright: Thomas Kast

4 responses to “Water magic

  1. Wonderful photographs! Thank you so much for sharing them!! Also thank you for your patient explanations !! I received your this year’s Calendar, as a Christmas gift from my son and am delighted with it! All your photos are so exciting, it must be exhausting deciding what to display! May your exhibit in Tehran be properly appreciated, as I feel sure it will! All best wishes, for a wonderful Finnish summertime!! Helena Ancil Sent from my iPad


    • Thanks for the kind wishes, dear Helena. Glad you enjoy the calendar 🙂 Lots of photos on my hard drive waiting to be shown. It’s summer here, almost 20C but I’ll be working on my winter photos as well to keep cool 😉

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