Aurora fatalis

Doing tours, photography and time-lapsing brings lots of memories, good ones, great ones and some terrible ones. One night in Äkäslompolo it was a mix of all. I took my group on a fell to see the magic nightsky of Lapland. Lady Aurora put on a great show and the clients were happy.

Meanwhile I went away for a while to set up my time-lapse rig to realise a special sequence. Adjusting and testing takes quite some time, when it’s all done, it starts to be easy. Or impossible, because mine never started the way I wanted. One cable was broken and that was it for my idea. All around me were Northern lights, snow turned even greenish. It’s good you didn’t hear me there 🙂

I had a spare cable further away but there just wasn’t time to get it – and I needed to attent to my group. So I shot a few photos in all directions and below is one of them. The group was super-happy, I enjoyed the ‘glow’ in their eyes and words and I got a few good shots. All good 🙂 Already waiting for next winter to bring more people to these magical places up North.

Copyright: Thomas Kast

4 responses to “Aurora fatalis

  1. So happy to have you making my trips for me. Finland is in my bucket list. Just in case, I have your beautiful photos. I travel vicariously. Thank you.

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