Moss and water

During my stay in Germany, I really wanted to shoot a waterfall with moss-covered rocks in the water. Seeing photos of the Gertelbacher waterfalls back in Finland, my heart jumped. A free afternoon came up and I was on my way.

I approached the falls from below as I wanted to walk upwards seeing all the cascades – the smaller ones first, the steep ones at the end. I never saw those steep ones… the first 25 metres took me over four hours to photograph 🙂

Sounds maybe nuts to some but that place enchanted me. The sound of the water, the cascades, the shades of green, those huge leaf trees. Like entering a fairytale with my camera.

The more time I spent in that small area, the more I discovered photo opportunities. In this post I’ll share only a few ones. More will come later. Greetings from the Alps 🙂


View to Bühlertal and the Rhine valley in the background



6 responses to “Moss and water

  1. Moos, am Wasserfall und frisch gewaschen-beregnet leuchtendes Grün, Fotografenherz was willst Du mehr ;-)) Das Schöne dabei, man merkt in Zeiten der unendlich großen Speicherkarten gar nicht mehr, wie schnell ein Tag vergangen. Beim Film wechseln hat man wenigstens noch ein endliches Maß gehabt :-))

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