Aurora tour – choices

Chasing auroras regularly will force you to make decisions which can be either fatal or fantastic. Often it is not sure when the show starts, how long it lasts and if you can make it to a good spot in time.

Last season I did a tour for a small group. When we met in the evening, the data looked promising and we started driving. Once we reached darker roads without lamps, Lady Aurora put on an incredible show. Our photo location was still 20 minutes away and I was weighing the choices. Either drive on and perhaps miss the best part of the night, leaving us possible with ‘only’ a starry night. Or stopping at a bus stop to enjoy the show for a while, take some photos and continue driving. This time I chose to pull over. Northern lights came in strong waves, creating all sorts of shapes.

Emergency stop

Arriving at our first destination, a lake, the aurora was fading away. For a short while. And then it started all over again. Leaving us all in awe. Here is one panorama, you can click to view large:

Aurora panorama

Little did I know in the beginning of the night, the choice to stop or not couldn’t have been wrong. Auroras danced for many hours in a cloud-free night.

Swiss Milky Way (summer triangle)

The night sky is fascinating in so many ways. During my stay in the Swiss Alps, the sky was full of stars and the Milky Way much stronger than in Finland. In the first nights I stood outside and gazed at the stars. So much to take in, overwhelming.

But then it was time to take my gear and finally, finally get some night photos there. After all, this was the first time to be there since I started to take photography more serious.

For this photo I went to Rossiniere in the canton of Vaud, at the shores of Lac du Vernex. A day earlier I scouted out several places and ended up here for the better part of the night.

Notice the bright star above the Milky Way? That is Vega, the second brightest star of the Northern celestical hemisphere. Looking downwards through just at the edge of the Milky Way sits another star. That is Altair, ranking at number twelve. Ready for one more? Now let’s follow the Milky Way up to West and there is Deneb right in the Milky Way.

Connect the three and we will have the so-called summer triangle.

Do you like to look at the stars? Or is it too bright where you live? I’d be curious to know ūüôā

Night sky of the Vaud Alps in Switzerland

The summer triangle

Waiting for the fireworks..

Every year, this time around, the excitement starts slowly to build. In about 4-5 weeks, the bright summer nights are dimming down. And then it will be dark enough for stars and other sky sensations ūüėČ

Yesterday I re-edited this photo from two years back. It was one of those crazy moments which ware easy to remember. A moment before I was standing on that beach and suddenly realized what’s about to happen. Running through the sand, giggling to myself in antizipation.

What about you, would you run or perhaps never go far away from your camera?

Nature's own fireworks


Abenteuer Lappland – Adventure Lapland

Back from Switzerland, I’ve been busy preparing my newest 1-week winter tour which will start end of February 2017. There will be only one week during next winter as I will be still tied-up in my photography studies and don’t wanna spend too much time away from my little boy. In winter 2017/18 more tours are ‘on the menu’.

The website for this is so far only in German, so I’ll continue this post in German. Any questions, please let me know! Meanwhile, enjoy the photos below and behind the link ūüôā

Hallo zusammen!
Nach langem Ausarbeiten ist nun endlich meine erste Fotoreise fertig geplant. Ende Februar 2017 geht es f√ľr acht Tage in den Nordwesten Lapplands. Zuerst sind wir rund um Hetta unterwegs, danach gehts ins Drei-L√§nder-Eck Kilpisj√§rvi. Der Fokus dieser Reise ist die Fotografie, wir werden uns also Zeit lassen, an den sch√∂nsten Ecken die besten Bilder mitzunehmen. Ein besonderer Leckerbissen wird sein, dass wir einige Tage auf Motorschlitten unterwegs sein werden.Details zur Reise gibt es hier:

Falls Ihr irgendwelche Fragen habt, meldet euch bei mir.Ich w√ľrde mich freuen, euch im n√§chsten Winter zu sehen ūüôā


Getting to remote spots

Getting to remote spots

Brilliant winter sceneries - day and night

Brilliant winter sceneries – day and night

Eternal wind in the sparse, rough but so beautiful nature

Eternal wind in the sparse, rough but so beautiful nature

Bern teaser

Switzerland is a special place for me as I spent quite a bit of time there when I grew up. This week a good friend of mine showed me around in Bern. It was my first time there and for some reason my expecations weren’t all that great. But boy was I wrong.

For today, I have this photo, taken at Schwellenm√§tteli. Here the river Aare makes a lot of noise, a LOT. The water level dips down only about a metre – not really much you’d think. A lot of rain during the past weeks and months however create a spectacle. Just being there and listen to the sound of rushing water is very powerful.

Schwellenmätteli in Bern, Switzerland

Schwellenmätteli in Bern, Switzerland