Aurora tour – choices

Chasing auroras regularly will force you to make decisions which can be either fatal or fantastic. Often it is not sure when the show starts, how long it lasts and if you can make it to a good spot in time.

Last season I did a tour for a small group. When we met in the evening, the data looked promising and we started driving. Once we reached darker roads without lamps, Lady Aurora put on an incredible show. Our photo location was still 20 minutes away and I was weighing the choices. Either drive on and perhaps miss the best part of the night, leaving us possible with ‘only’ a starry night. Or stopping at a bus stop to enjoy the show for a while, take some photos and continue driving. This time I chose to pull over. Northern lights came in strong waves, creating all sorts of shapes.

Emergency stop

Arriving at our first destination, a lake, the aurora was fading away. For a short while. And then it started all over again. Leaving us all in awe. Here is one panorama, you can click to view large:

Aurora panorama

Little did I know in the beginning of the night, the choice to stop or not couldn’t have been wrong. Auroras danced for many hours in a cloud-free night.

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