It’s all about to change

Hello dear followers, it’s been very quiet so far this year, mostly due to work behind the scenes, photography studies and family. The quiet is about to change. And so is this blog.

I have redesigned my website completely. More relevant information about the aurora borealis, about the photo tours and workshops and most of all to finally, finally integrate my blog into the website. It is up and running since yesterday and I’m very excited! Hopefully you are comfortable to make the jump to my future blog page , which will be a lot more active and regular.

On this blog here, I will do a few more posts, so folks will know about the transition. Below you can see a few photos I haven’t shared yet. A lot more will come

See you on the other side!

Reindeers in the wilderness

Reindeers in the wilderness of Northern Lapland


Aurora Borealis above Äkäslompolo

Aurora Borealis above Äkäslompolo


Snow giants

Snow giants

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