It’s all about to change

Hello dear followers, it’s been very quiet so far this year, mostly due to work behind the scenes, photography studies and family. The quiet is about to change. And so is this blog.

I have redesigned my website completely. More relevant information about the aurora borealis, about the photo tours and workshops and most of all to finally, finally integrate my blog into the website. It is up and running since yesterday and I’m very excited! Hopefully you are comfortable to make the jump to my future blog page , which will be a lot more active and regular.

On this blog here, I will do a few more posts, so folks will know about the transition. Below you can see a few photos I haven’t shared yet. A lot more will come

See you on the other side!

Reindeers in the wilderness

Reindeers in the wilderness of Northern Lapland


Aurora Borealis above Äkäslompolo

Aurora Borealis above Äkäslompolo


Snow giants

Snow giants

Photo exhibition in Tehran, Iran

These are truly exciting times! I still can’t quite believe it, but on April 8th, 2016 was the opening of the photography exhibition “Four Seasons in Finland” in Tehran, Iran. I’m very proud to be part of the exhibition alongside six other photographers from Finland. The exhibition is organised by the Embassy of Finland in Tehran and still ongoing until May 4th, 2016. The location is Tajrish Metro Station.

If you find yourself in Tehran, you know where to go 😉

More info and photos: and

Copyright: Embassy of Finland in Tehran, Iran

Invitation to the photo exhibition in Tehran, Iran. Source:Embassy of Finland



Opening day of the exhibition. Source: via the Embassy of Finland

Wall calendar 2016

The calendar for next year is ready! Once again I went through my photos to collect twelve photos of auroras and landscapes taken in Finland. Here is the front cover, photos are at the end of the post:

Copyright: Thomas Kast

This could be a great present for friends, family or for your office. Looking for a Christmas present? Why not surprise them with a calendar!

Details of the calendar and order information can be found here:

In English:
Auf deutsch:

To order, simply send me an email:

Copyright: Thomas Kast


When the darkness fades away

Between each day and night are three phases of twilight. The astronomical, nautical and – the brightest – civil twilight. Wait a minute, not every night. Ok, let me stop right there. That isn’t true for all places on our planet. Let’s take Oulu (surprise, surpise) for example, located at 65°N, summer nights are bright as daylight. The twilight phases I mentioned above become more and more important.

Copyright: Thomas Kast
Astronomical twilight:
Being the darkest twilight zone, the sun is between 12° and 18° below the horizon. While faint stars and other objects are then tricky to observe, auroras are easily visible. The first day without proper night (pitch black that is) here in Oulu was actually yesterday, April 9th, 2015. Astronomical twilight is then the darkest phase for about two weeks.

Nautical twilight:
That’s when the sun is between 6° and 12° below. It is bright enough to see the horizon. Auroras are partly visible then; more exact: the sun needs to be around 10° below or lower. Going towards summer here in Oulu, on May 17th will be no more nautical twilight.

Civil twilight:
That’s right, the sun is then between 0° and 6° below. Outdoors it’s bright enough for almost anything, no point to talk auroras. In Oulu these are our brightest nights and we have about 73 of them.

Going further North, the nights will be brighter and brighter. Breaking through the Arctic Circle, the sun will be visible throughout the night – unless the horizon is covered by mountains, etc.

Ok, ok, enough with the numbers 🙂 If you are interested in your local twilights, head over to , that’s what I did.

Last aurora season I caught the last ones on April 25th at 1.30am. As you can see with the bright skies towards North it was very very faint. This year I’ll problably sleep 🙂

Copyright: Thomas Kast

G5+ geomagnetic storm predicted for June 20-22, 2015

A huge plasma cloud has errupted on the sun and it is now on its way to Earth. Due to the tremendous size it moves slowly and predictions are that it will reach Earth sometime around June 20-22, 2015. While the reason for this erruption is still unclear, aurora fans will have finally time to prepare and arrange travels well in time. First calculations tell, that curiously the brightest auroras can be observed during lunch time and not – as usually – during night time. Good luck to all of you!

As for you photo and real-time geeks, no problem with high ISO noise for that event 😉


Copyright: Thomas Kast

“Possibly the biggest solar storm..”


Wall calendar 2015

Every autumn I do a wall calendar for the coming year and I’m happy to announce that the 2015 calendar design is ready!

Below you can see the twelve photos and – just as last year – I will sign each calendar before sending them to you. Besides aurora borealis there are also some landscape photos, all of them captured in Finland. My idea was to show how a year here can be like.

Last years customers were very happy with the calendars, which make great gifts, cheer up your office and homes or can be a wonderful Christmas present for your loved ones.

Some more details:
– the size will be A4 (11.7 x 8.3 in) during shipping and will open up to A3 (11.7 x 16.5 in).
– the calendar part will be in English language, stating month, week number and weekday
– for each day there will be a square with some space to write some notes in it.
– the calendars will be shipped, once I have received payment (bank transfer or via paypal

Prices in Euro:  1 for EUR 25.00;  3 for EUR 72.00;  5 for EUR 115.00;  10 for EUR 210.00.
Shipping up to 5 calendars to one address will be an additional EUR 7.50. (For 10: EUR 15.00).

USD prices:  1 for USD 42.00;  3 for USD 103.00;  5 for USD 158.00;  10 for USD 290.00.
Shipping to one address is included.

To order, please use this contact form or send me an email to:

I’m looking forward to your message!

Copyright: Thomas Kast

Summary of all photos on the back

Copyright: Thomas Kast

Front cover


Calendar part

Calendar part