The afterglow comes to life

Following up on the previous post, here are two more photos taken after the sunset. At first it seemed that the clouds wouldn’t pick up much of the the warm colours. The structure of the clouds made me stay a bit longer and soon a orange-pink band would stretch gently across the horizon. A touch of purple appeared and got more and more powerful. I gotta admit, auroras came into my mind; when I stood there feeling the glow and now writing this post. It’s causing similar feelings, making my heart beat faster and watching in awe.

Tomorrow I’m off to continue my studies, so I wish you already now a wonderful, glowing weekend 🙂

Copyright: Thomas Kast

Purple hues start to build

Copyright: Thomas Kast

Afterglow in full action

Winter’s last stand

Every year the ice of the Gulf of Bothnia melts as season changes from winter to spring. Strong wind and tide can then pile up countless pieces of ice at the shore. This year, however, I couldn’t find what I was looking for. I won’t complain after being so lucky last year 🙂 Here two photos of my series ‘Winter’s last stand‘:

Copyright: Thomas Kast

Winter’s last stand V

Copyright: Thomas Kast

Winter’s last stand VI

Ice suprise

The past two weeks have been supercrazy with lots of photo shootings. For last night I planned to write a blog post but once again I had to take me camera out. This time I recorded some videos and created this short documentary. Probably the first time you see me and hear my voice, don’t be shocked 😉 Photos will follow at some point. Good night my friends 🙂

Breaking free

Spring is just around the corner as most parts of the Gulf of Bothnia are ice-free. On the shore, the ice floats are breaking apart and melt quickly. The long frozen soil is getting softer and new life will rise out of it, breaking free from a long hibernation. Truly a time of change is upon us.

Copyright: Thomas Kast