NLCs & Qstock; the dark nights are not far away

As July came to an end, my mind went towards winter. The nights start now to get a bit darker which will make it possible to see noctilucent clouds and by the end of August, Lady Aurora returns from her summer vacation.

The music festival Qstock held place in Oulu – two days with multiple stages. I was out with my camera to look for the noctilucent clouds. It was a calm night with great reflections on the water. Suddenly I heard big bangs and turned around to see those fireworks of Qstock. Being in a really bad spot for nice photos, I ran towards a nearby bridge. As you can see in the photos, it’s still not dark at 1am.

Noctilucent clouds

Qstock fireworks in Oulu

Qstock fireworks in Oulu

Swiss Milky Way (summer triangle)

The night sky is fascinating in so many ways. During my stay in the Swiss Alps, the sky was full of stars and the Milky Way much stronger than in Finland. In the first nights I stood outside and gazed at the stars. So much to take in, overwhelming.

But then it was time to take my gear and finally, finally get some night photos there. After all, this was the first time to be there since I started to take photography more serious.

For this photo I went to Rossiniere in the canton of Vaud, at the shores of Lac du Vernex. A day earlier I scouted out several places and ended up here for the better part of the night.

Notice the bright star above the Milky Way? That is Vega, the second brightest star of the Northern celestical hemisphere. Looking downwards through just at the edge of the Milky Way sits another star. That is Altair, ranking at number twelve. Ready for one more? Now let’s follow the Milky Way up to West and there is Deneb right in the Milky Way.

Connect the three and we will have the so-called summer triangle.

Do you like to look at the stars? Or is it too bright where you live? I’d be curious to know 🙂

Night sky of the Vaud Alps in Switzerland

The summer triangle

Behind the camera

Still travelling, I haven’t found much time to process photos. Here a few behind the scenes shots here in Switzerland. Lots of work waiting back home 🙂

Have a wonderful day!

At the edge in Montreux, a somewhat Mediterranean atmosphere

Sunset mania with some epic god rays in the Alps

Moss and water

During my stay in Germany, I really wanted to shoot a waterfall with moss-covered rocks in the water. Seeing photos of the Gertelbacher waterfalls back in Finland, my heart jumped. A free afternoon came up and I was on my way.

I approached the falls from below as I wanted to walk upwards seeing all the cascades – the smaller ones first, the steep ones at the end. I never saw those steep ones… the first 25 metres took me over four hours to photograph 🙂

Sounds maybe nuts to some but that place enchanted me. The sound of the water, the cascades, the shades of green, those huge leaf trees. Like entering a fairytale with my camera.

The more time I spent in that small area, the more I discovered photo opportunities. In this post I’ll share only a few ones. More will come later. Greetings from the Alps 🙂


View to Bühlertal and the Rhine valley in the background



Golden summer sunrise

Waking up early to see the sunrise isn’t everybody’s favourite way to start the day. Luckily the winter and summer season here in Finland have their own advantages. In winter the sun rises late in the Oulu area (or not at all up North), in summer very early. In fact so early, it’s wise to stay up after sunset and go to bed after sunrise.

One summer ‘morning’ I went to Lake Papinjärvi in Oulunsalo to see a golden sunrise. A gentle breeze made the waves reflecting the colours of the sky, a lovely end of the day.




When nature paints the sky

After arriving at the seaside (continuing on the last post), nature put on a great show. Incredible sunset colours over Oulu and in the water, a double rainbow on the other side and lots and lots of rain.
The last photo is a 360 degree panorama.

Copyright: Thomas Kast

Countless water drops great wonderful shades

Copyright: Thomas Kast

Oulu bathing in colours

Copyright: Thomas Kast

Double rainbow (the outer one is faint but visible)

Copyright: Thomas Kast

360 panorama, click to see it larger