Aurora borealis time-lapse video is ready

Between September 2012 and March 2013 I spent almost sixty nights searching for the mysterious auroras in temperatures between +3C..-30C. Now I’m glad to have finished my first time-lapse video about the Northern lights. Most scenes are shot around Oulu, some in Lapland and for one I was on the frozen Baltic Sea.

During some of the most amazing displays I danced around and kept telling myself that I’m not dreaming, while with others I just looked and shook my head in disbelief. It’s hard for me to explain, but I hope you’ll get the idea watching the video. I tried to capture different shapes of auroras in typical Finnish winter landscapes. One scene is taken right outside my home, so you can see that auroras can be seen near city lights.

Frozen camera after shooting on the Baltic Sea

For all this, the choice of music was very important and for a long time I couldn’t decide between tranquil or orchestral music. In the end I used a mix of both and – for me – the result reflects just what I wanted to express.

I wasn’t always lucky to see auroras, but every time after coming home I felt like I’ve been on an adventure. The ‘worst’ experience was a 600km trip with a friend of mine. We stayed in Sweden for four nights and saw nothing but a tiny glow during the last night. While I loved the road trip and the scenery, I did miss the lights. What was really heart-breaking was to learn that on night after we left the most amazing auroras were seen by many people – except us. But all that was history once I saw my next auroras 🙂

Summer months in Finland are without darkness, so I should have a chance to catch up on some sleep. Although the midnight sun is worth to stay up.. 🙂

I enjoyed doing this video project; hopefully you’ll enjoy watching it!