Lunar coronae

The past weeks have been extremely busy with tours, preparations, studies and last but not least family time. Oh, and some other projects but I will talk about those another time.

A few days ago I returned from a tour in Lapland. Most nights were cloudy but luckily we also saw auroras. But that wasn’t all, the moon gave us a special show. The nights were around -15..-25C and fog pads were in the air. Due to the cold temperature it consisted of ice crystals. Sometimes the high clouds were just perfect to create multiple moon coronae (at least I think thats the correct term). The colors and shape were very distinct, something totally new for me. For a while I forgot about auroras :D. So, here it is. Winter wonderland under a wonderous moon.

Lunar coronae in Lapland, Finland.

And so it starts..

Last night I’ve been out for the first time in this young aurora season. I was lucky to the Northern lights in the sky three times before from my porch at home which was nice. But going out to chase the lights and find good spots really starts the fire inside me, it’s what I love to do. With fog in the air my expectations weren’t high and so the weakish auroras didn’t bother me at all. Being out under the stars in silence is what it is all about. Northern lights are just a bonus 🙂

So here is one of the photos which shows a rowing boat I found walking along the water line. There will be more nights out and this was a great start 🙂


Copyright: Thomas Kast

Weak auroras in a foggy night

Thin clouds

When I go to find Northern lights I always try to find a place without any clouds. But sometimes it just isn’t possible. When there are clouds, I’m actually trying to make them a strong element in my photo.

Copyright: Thomas Kast


I found this group of trees near Oulu about a year ago and finally the conditions were right to work with them. The tricky part was to get the right amount of trees inside the frame without cutting any of them badly. After many trials I finally found this composition here to work the best for me.

Thin clouds covered the sky and Northern lights were just strong enough to shimmer through them. Through the trees you can see the bright moon lighting up the clouds. The orange color was from some town lights nearby; I think this orange color goes quite well with the aurora green here.

From this trees I got more photos and I’ll post them later on. So now it’s time to search for new locations with nice tree formations.


An April aurora adventure

A few nights back on April 11/12 2014, wonderful auroras appeared in the skies above Oulunsalo, Finland. I’ve been out with my cameras for six hours, almost half of that time waiting for clouds to go away. At times I couldn’t see any stars but more often than not…

Copyright: Thomas Kast

… auroras were visible through through the clouds. Here you can see an arc rising and on the right are some needles. Wind brought more clouds and I was considering to leave.

Copyright: Thomas Kast

Fortunately I didn’t give up and later the clear skies revealed a wonderful surprise for me. There was an aurora arc and it went all the way up over my head and down on the other side!

Copyright: Thomas Kast

Around 1am the arc got stronger and wider and suddenly exploded over the frozen lake revealing countless needles…

Copyright: Thomas Kast

… which turned into a corona right above my head. The feeling when those rays spread out in all directions cannot be described. Look at this!

Copyright: Thomas Kast

An hour or so later, another strong but not so colorful corona was visible…

Copyright: Thomas Kast

… and I stayed until dawn made it difficult to see auroras. On the right you can see the beginning of the sunrise. An amazing night came to an end and it took me a long time to fall asleep 🙂

Bang! – last night (11/12 April 2014)

Last night I witnessed a stunning and unexpected aurora show in the skies of Oulunsalo, Finland. I had to wait many hours for the skies to clear completely and was rewarded with this view! It’s hard to describe the feelings I had, but I’ll try to do that in my next blog post 🙂


Copyright: Thomas Kast

Corona building up over the frozen lake.