Lunar coronae

The past weeks have been extremely busy with tours, preparations, studies and last but not least family time. Oh, and some other projects but I will talk about those another time.

A few days ago I returned from a tour in Lapland. Most nights were cloudy but luckily we also saw auroras. But that wasn’t all, the moon gave us a special show. The nights were around -15..-25C and fog pads were in the air. Due to the cold temperature it consisted of ice crystals. Sometimes the high clouds were just perfect to create multiple moon coronae (at least I think thats the correct term). The colors and shape were very distinct, something totally new for me. For a while I forgot about auroras :D. So, here it is. Winter wonderland under a wonderous moon.

Lunar coronae in Lapland, Finland.

Halo shadows

Moon halos are a wonderful phenomenom during those cold winter nights, especially when the ground is covered with lots and lots of snow. Trees and other plants will casts strong, clear-shaped shadows as you see here.
In January 2018 you’ll have the chance to join my photo tour in Lapland, where I’ll instruct all about landscape and night photography in magical places 🙂

Moon halo and shadows

Moon halo

In Haukipudas was one of the best moon halos of this autumn so far. I went out for auroras but a lot of fog made it difficult to see. Plus I missed the best part of the show. Luckily that fog worked at the same time wonders with the moon, drawing a wonderful circle around it. This particular halo is a so-called 22° halo and is ‘made’ by countless ice crystals in the atmosphere.

Have you ever seen a halo around the moon sometimes?

Moon halo

Full moon clouds in a March night

Skies have cleared up here in Oulu and I went out to an open field North of Oulu. Auroras were dancing there and my camera as well; it was very windy. Right above me I noticed this bright band of auroras building, or so I thought.. It got quickly brighter and I hurried to take the photo below. In the end it turned out to be ‘just’ a long cloud illuminated by the Full Moon. Yet another photo of my favorite color combination: Green-white-blue! Have a great start into the week 🙂

Copyright: Thomas Kast

Halo Sweden

A few days back I was travelling to Karungi, Sweden to meet up with tour operator LappOne and fellow photographers Stefano Tiozzo, Gabriele Menis to join their group of aurora hunters for one night in a magical moonlight landscape. As the night grew older, thin clouds created a wonderful 22° moon halo. Not a bad scenery to wait for Northern lights!

The thin clouds high up in the atmosphere are made of countless hexagonal ice crystals which refract the light forming this halo. The same can be seen also around the sun in daytime, but should be carefully enjoyed as the sunlight is a lot stronger. More information on the 22 halo here.

Copyright: Thomas Kast

Magic night scenery