The sun sets the colors

Clouds are the icing on the cake for sunsets. I know I probably repeat myself, but a few days back one more time this came true. On that evening I was out at Riutunkari while the sky was full of clouds. Almost. Near the horizon was a thin stripe of clear sky and just as the sun was setting it came through illuminating the clouds in the most amazing colors.

Nowadays I almost never take photos without a tripod and right in that magic moment I noticed that I left the plate which comes between the tripod and camera at home. After a few moments of being annoyed, I noticed that the color show would soon be over. So I put my head together and started taking photos.

To my (unbelievable) luck, a low-hanging cloud ‘roll’ came slowly into view. It ‘travelled’ towards the point where the sun already disappeared. Little by little that cloud got sunlight from the back, making its shape very distinct. Moments like this can just not be planned and feel so, so rewarding being there – even without a tripod 😉

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Breaking free

Spring is just around the corner as most parts of the Gulf of Bothnia are ice-free. On the shore, the ice floats are breaking apart and melt quickly. The long frozen soil is getting softer and new life will rise out of it, breaking free from a long hibernation. Truly a time of change is upon us.

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The things they did not see..

My recent visit to the Gulf of Bothnia as very windy. While that meant that the cold was creeping into my clothing much faster than usually, if also made those huge fields of clouds pass quicker. Waiting for the skies to clear proved to be exiting as everytime it was a surprise what kind of auroras were up there waiting to be seen.

Without clouds, light polution of street lamps, etc, are not a big issue but with thick clouds it is sometimes a nightmare. Those darn orange clouds.. Lots and lots of city lights from Oulu lit up the sky. But that purple aurora beam was too beautiful and so I took this photo anyway.

Back home, I looked at the full screen version and started to feel differently about it. Now, it seems to me that those people under the cloud cover live in their own small world, not knowing what’s really happening out there. While I was lucky to see much more from where I was standing. All those secrets behind that low-hanging orange ceiling. If they would only know…

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This photo works a lot better in larger view, so go ahead and click on it.


Looking for patterns

When going out with my camera, I not only look for landscapes but I enjoy looking around for patterns and details. Finding lines, contrasts, structures, etc is a lot of fun. Last night I was out with a friend and here are some of the things which caught my eyes.

Colors may not be 100% correct as I still have to calibrate my screen.

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Green and ‘blond’

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A little island

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Countless flowers in sunshine

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Beach rocks


Busy times. Everyone has those. There are many different reasons: family, a friend in need, work, travelling, hobbies, rest, sickness, sleep, the list could go on and on. In the end, it’s all about choices.

There are things in the life of people with cameras ‘glued to their hand’ which are magical, such as a great sunset, wildlife, seeing auroras in the sky, etc. And so I spend a lot of time outdoors chasing the perfect photo again and again. When the magic is happen right under my nose, I feel blessed. Often I’m thinking, this is a once-in-a-lifetime situation, I’ll never see this again, how great is it to capture a photo of this moment.

Then there are those things in life which literally do happen only once in a life time. My son is such an example. Watching him grow and learn new things, playing with him, those are all things which will pass and never come back. There won’t be another ‘sunset’ someday. It’s important to remember that and make choices. Wise choices.

Capturing nature in photo and video is my true passion and I’m glad I have this fire inside me. About a week ago, I went out to take some photos. It was the night of the Icehockey WorldChampionship. Finland played Russia and the center of Oulu was pretty much empty. No people, no cars driving around, nothing.

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Deserted Aleksanterinkatu in Oulu

After a while I went to the sea only to find an unbelievable sunset and after walking a while, I discovered this new spot. Imagine how happy I was! After taking some photos I kind of lost myself in the sunset and my own thoughts. Thinking about life and the choices we make…


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‘The second wave’ – afterglow in the skies and reflections on the ground

Sunset preview from 20 May 2014

Last night I was photographing a wonderful sunset above the Baltic Sea with marvelous reflections. It’s been a very long time since I was out with my camera, as life is pretty hectic at the moment. Today Iwant to share a little preview with you 🙂

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And here is one of them, I named it ‘Stare’ as I felt the sun was staring right back at me.

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‘Stare’ – captured at 22.50

Hope you’ll see a wonderful sunset also 🙂