Lunar coronae

The past weeks have been extremely busy with tours, preparations, studies and last but not least family time. Oh, and some other projects but I will talk about those another time.

A few days ago I returned from a tour in Lapland. Most nights were cloudy but luckily we also saw auroras. But that wasn’t all, the moon gave us a special show. The nights were around -15..-25C and fog pads were in the air. Due to the cold temperature it consisted of ice crystals. Sometimes the high clouds were just perfect to create multiple moon coronae (at least I think thats the correct term). The colors and shape were very distinct, something totally new for me. For a while I forgot about auroras :D. So, here it is. Winter wonderland under a wonderous moon.

Lunar coronae in Lapland, Finland.

Roll cloud

Capture the last rays of sunlight, that was my goal two nights ago. When I was on my way to the marina of Varjakka in Oulunsalo, I noticed a rare from of clouds, a roll cloud. I was on the lookout for this phenomena for a couple of years now and until a few nights back I’ve seen only photos of it. Imagine my exitement! Driving to the location, I lost sight of the cloud due to being in the forest and I prayed “please be there, please be there”. Arriving at the marina, there she was, what a beauty! It was the only cloud in the sky and it stretched almost as far as I could see.

Click to view in bigger size and – as usually – drop me a line or two in the comment section and share your thoughts on this 🙂

Copyright: Thomas Kast

Rolling my way – captured around ten minutes past sunset

Light pillars (a.k.a. cat food)

Last night I went to the grocery shop to get some food for our cats. I bought all kinds of things – except the cat food. I noticed that once I was back home and with -18C outside I really didn’t want to go again. But I did and luckily so! For some reason I went to another shop and on my way there I saw light pillars popping up in the sky. Quickly buying the cat food I went home and grabbed my gear. The air was filled with dancing ice crystals, creating the illusion of light pillars for almost every light source. I saw them from head lights of cars and even the moon had pillars!

By the way, the cats enjoyed their food once I was back home 🙂

Here some more information on light pillars.

Copyright: Thomas Kast

Light pillars from spot lights of a big parking area in Oulu.

Copyright: Thomas Kast

Another view through some trees.

Copyright: Thomas Kast

Light pillars with Christmas lights. Also street lamps have pillars

Copyright: Thomas Kast

Light pillars from a football field & light trails of passing cars.