Waiting for the fireworks..

Every year, this time around, the excitement starts slowly to build. In about 4-5 weeks, the bright summer nights are dimming down. And then it will be dark enough for stars and other sky sensations 😉

Yesterday I re-edited this photo from two years back. It was one of those crazy moments which ware easy to remember. A moment before I was standing on that beach and suddenly realized what’s about to happen. Running through the sand, giggling to myself in antizipation.

What about you, would you run or perhaps never go far away from your camera?

Nature's own fireworks


The afterglow comes to life

Following up on the previous post, here are two more photos taken after the sunset. At first it seemed that the clouds wouldn’t pick up much of the the warm colours. The structure of the clouds made me stay a bit longer and soon a orange-pink band would stretch gently across the horizon. A touch of purple appeared and got more and more powerful. I gotta admit, auroras came into my mind; when I stood there feeling the glow and now writing this post. It’s causing similar feelings, making my heart beat faster and watching in awe.

Tomorrow I’m off to continue my studies, so I wish you already now a wonderful, glowing weekend 🙂

Copyright: Thomas Kast

Purple hues start to build

Copyright: Thomas Kast

Afterglow in full action

Water magic

As summer light takes over here, it’s a four-months long break before Northern lights will appear again on the sky. Time to enjoy ‘the other’ magic night light, the nightless night with it’s wonderful sunset-sunsrise colours. Or just sleep 🙂 In autumn I’ll be out looking for wonderful reflections in the water again, just like these:

Copyright: Thomas Kast

Green city

The final weeks of the aurora season are here. Soon the nights will be too bright even for stars to be visible. On Sunday I was in Oulu and found the river with only little ice left. That meant one thing: Reflections 🙂

Good to be back on the ‘blog-horse’ after a long break, phew.

As on Instagram, I will start to throw in some Finnish words every now and then. Perhaps you get inspired to learn a bit 🙂

#todaysfinnishword is: vihreä (= green)


Copyright: Thomas Kast

The ‘Rautasilta’ bridge in Oulu


Copyright: Thomas Kast

The suburb Tuira, North of Oulu’s city center