Lunar coronae

The past weeks have been extremely busy with tours, preparations, studies and last but not least family time. Oh, and some other projects but I will talk about those another time.

A few days ago I returned from a tour in Lapland. Most nights were cloudy but luckily we also saw auroras. But that wasn’t all, the moon gave us a special show. The nights were around -15..-25C and fog pads were in the air. Due to the cold temperature it consisted of ice crystals. Sometimes the high clouds were just perfect to create multiple moon coronae (at least I think thats the correct term). The colors and shape were very distinct, something totally new for me. For a while I forgot about auroras :D. So, here it is. Winter wonderland under a wonderous moon.

Lunar coronae in Lapland, Finland.

After the early sunset

Today, the weather was a real treat. -10C and clear skies, wonderful pastel colors. Two days ago we got about 20cm fresh snow and it all looked like a winter wonderland. I was shooting at the rapids of Koitelinkoski. After the sun set about 2.30pm the afterglow came in and hit the trees for a long while. Beautiful contrast of warm and cold colors.

After sunset at Koitelinkoski


Thanking the Lady Aurora

Two nights ago, the skies where clear after a – what seemed – endless cloud season. At first there was little activity but then the details, color and strength were slowly building up. Usually I’m not in photos, but at this special occasion I made an exception 🙂

Northern lights in winter

Aurora fatalis

Doing tours, photography and time-lapsing brings lots of memories, good ones, great ones and some terrible ones. One night in Äkäslompolo it was a mix of all. I took my group on a fell to see the magic nightsky of Lapland. Lady Aurora put on a great show and the clients were happy.

Meanwhile I went away for a while to set up my time-lapse rig to realise a special sequence. Adjusting and testing takes quite some time, when it’s all done, it starts to be easy. Or impossible, because mine never started the way I wanted. One cable was broken and that was it for my idea. All around me were Northern lights, snow turned even greenish. It’s good you didn’t hear me there 🙂

I had a spare cable further away but there just wasn’t time to get it – and I needed to attent to my group. So I shot a few photos in all directions and below is one of them. The group was super-happy, I enjoyed the ‘glow’ in their eyes and words and I got a few good shots. All good 🙂 Already waiting for next winter to bring more people to these magical places up North.

Copyright: Thomas Kast