Like the Milky Way

A few nights back I was out with the car scouting for some new photogenic spots. I was driving on a country road towards Tupos, South of Oulu when I noticed very dark clouds ahead . As I should find out soon – they were filled with lots and lots of rain.

With the sun near the horizon behind clouds, I wasn’t too keen to stop and walk around. A few minutes later though, the scenery behind and besides me was suddenly dipped into a very warm light. I pulled over to see what’s going on and sure enough the sun. Warm and bright sunlight was hitting the front of the dark clouds creating a very special mood. I rushed to get my camera and wildely took photos. With at least some proof ‘in my bag’, I started to capture frames for a panorama of the bright frame of clouds. For some reason it reminded me of the Milky Way.

Just as I finished the photos, rain started to pour down and I drove off ‘into the sunset’ .. :)

Seeing the compiled panorama, Milky Way was the first thing back in my mind, what do you think of it? I’m curious to read from you, so drop some lines into that comment box :)

Copyright: Thomas Kast

‘Like the Milky Way’ – click to see larger

River reflections at night

During summer there is only a short time between sunset and sunrise. The sun decends every so slowly and the tones change constanly, giving a lot of time to catch some of the magic light. A few days back I saw the sky burning late in the evening and went to the river Oulujoki to catch some reflections.

Here is one of the photos where I used a ND filter in combination with a ND grad filter. I recorded this 80 second – exposure at quarter past midnight:

Copyright: Thomas Kast

Midnight magic II

In case you wonder, yes. There is a ‘Midnight magic’ photo, click here to see it :)

I also tried a to hold the ND-filter in my hand instead of mounting it. Of course I didn’t want the camera to shake, so I had about 1cm distance between my hand and the lens. Don’t ask my why, I have no idea why I did that but the outcome is pretty interesting :)

Copyright: Thomas Kast

Hand-held ND filter version

Another photo from the same night, taken much later in portrait format. Here I didn’t use any ND filter – but a polarizer – and had so a much shorter time of exposure. All these changes resulted in a totally different mood in the scene.

Copyright: Thomas Kast

Rowing off into the sunset/sunrise


After that photo I was still out for nearly two hours and as you can see there are lots of photos waiting to be processed.

Copyright: Thomas Kast


As always, I’m happy to receive any kind of feedback, questions or comments :)

PS: I’m currently waiting for my color calibration device, so the colors may be off. Hopefully not too much

Looking for patterns

When going out with my camera, I not only look for landscapes but I enjoy looking around for patterns and details. Finding lines, contrasts, structures, etc is a lot of fun. Last night I was out with a friend and here are some of the things which caught my eyes.

Colors may not be 100% correct as I still have to calibrate my screen.

Copyright: Thomas Kast

Green and ‘blond’

Copyright: Thomas Kast

A little island

Copyright: Thomas Kast

Countless flowers in sunshine

Copyright: Thomas Kast

Beach rocks

Snow in the summer

This morning, heavy snow was falling in Oulu. Even though we live up North, this is quite unusual. Only a few days to Midsummer! Luckily I caught the moment as well as my camera.

Here are some photos and at the end a small video :)

Copyright: Thomas Kast

Syringa blossoms

Copyright: Thomas Kast

Snowballs actually covered in snow

Copyright: Thomas Kast

Strawberry blossoms

Copyright: Thomas Kast

Bergenia ready for summer


Busy times. Everyone has those. There are many different reasons: family, a friend in need, work, travelling, hobbies, rest, sickness, sleep, the list could go on and on. In the end, it’s all about choices.

There are things in the life of people with cameras ‘glued to their hand’ which are magical, such as a great sunset, wildlife, seeing auroras in the sky, etc. And so I spend a lot of time outdoors chasing the perfect photo again and again. When the magic is happen right under my nose, I feel blessed. Often I’m thinking, this is a once-in-a-lifetime situation, I’ll never see this again, how great is it to capture a photo of this moment.

Then there are those things in life which literally do happen only once in a life time. My son is such an example. Watching him grow and learn new things, playing with him, those are all things which will pass and never come back. There won’t be another ‘sunset’ someday. It’s important to remember that and make choices. Wise choices.

Capturing nature in photo and video is my true passion and I’m glad I have this fire inside me. About a week ago, I went out to take some photos. It was the night of the Icehockey WorldChampionship. Finland played Russia and the center of Oulu was pretty much empty. No people, no cars driving around, nothing.

Copyright: Thomas Kast

Deserted Aleksanterinkatu in Oulu

After a while I went to the sea only to find an unbelievable sunset and after walking a while, I discovered this new spot. Imagine how happy I was! After taking some photos I kind of lost myself in the sunset and my own thoughts. Thinking about life and the choices we make…


Copyright: Thomas Kast

‘The second wave’ – afterglow in the skies and reflections on the ground

Sunset preview from 20 May 2014

Last night I was photographing a wonderful sunset above the Baltic Sea with marvelous reflections. It’s been a very long time since I was out with my camera, as life is pretty hectic at the moment. Today Iwant to share a little preview with you :)

Copyright: Thomas Kast


And here is one of them, I named it ‘Stare’ as I felt the sun was staring right back at me.

Copyright: Thomas Kast

‘Stare’ – captured at 22.50

Hope you’ll see a wonderful sunset also :)